From Bad to Worse – Distraction to Destruct – Minipax

On 22nd July 2014, I have written down my last notes about the cruel developments in our world. Instead of being able to observe our empire turning around to a more sane environment, today it looks like 2014 wasn’t that bad after all. Things developed downhill at an accelerated pace and still does.

Europe is still part of the empire destabilizing other nations like Syria – just extended sanctions b/c they don’t like their government, added Venezuela’s rightfully elected government on their hit list, still having Russia on their sanction list as well for defending part of the Ukraine, not saying a single word towards Israel’s and US’s aggression against the people of Palestine, Syria or Iran – yes, on Iran Europe initially showed a little backbone after the US started to withdraw from the nuclear deal. Now it looks like Iran is the number one target and Israel gets their wet dreams fulfilled – making the US threatening or even attacking Iran based on just another farce of Intelligence or ‘false flag’ event.

Reads like having erratically dropped words and half-sentences into a long one-liner rambling? Yes. Before this evening I thought about writing down my criticism using sarcasm and satire, to exaggerate latest events – but this not only seems impossible as reality is once again stranger than fiction, but how can I make fun of a situation which may lead to another disastrous suffering?

Ms Federica Mogherini, how does EU’s new oil embargo against Syria help the Syrian people and against what? Europe continues the old Syrian war propaganda narrative, intended to support the war against its sovereign government. As if there was no clear investigation result refuting all claims of chemical attacks by the Syrian government. As if the supported White Helmets were not outed to be nothing else but a propaganda arm of ISIS, which by itself was well funded by the Empire.
Where is the outcry about war crimes committed by the west lately?
Are we too distracted to see the real destruction? Or are they just following the plan?
Villages in Ukraine got destroyed, Cities in Syria massacred and whole countries being bombed. None by the so called regimes, but by the western empire or their proxies. Whoever it is who really is calling the shots.

I posted the references in the comment below. You will find more if you are looking for it. Start with UN reports, you might be surprised.

Since I don’t watch TV, I sadly just learned that the freak show of the Eurovision Song Contest was hosted in Israel, because the host paused attacking Palestinian people for a while but relaunched attacking Syria since Friday once again.
Who is the actual war criminal Europe should sanction?

Now I read that there was supposed to be a missile attack against the US embassy in Iraq. Further they already claim to know that the attacker is linked to Iran and the military tool of the Empire already raises a declaration of war against Iran via twitter. Seriously? The intelligence is so excellent, they even knew right after the 9/11 event who the culprit was. But in this case, our Israel overlords coalition partners prepared the intelligence upfront earlier in the last weeks, we have seen the news of an imminent Iranian threat. My apologies, now I did it – slipped into sarcasm. But how can one exaggerate the latest events? Mission Impossible.

Did you know that Germany broke the non-proliferation treaty by gifting and selling Israel submarines capable to launch nuclear warheads for a potential second strike?
But who likes to keep their word these days anyways, where Germany still hosts US nuclear warheads even after the US unilaterally started to end the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty with Russia – simply leading Russia to not give in on these threats and .. (drum-roll) end it themselves. Germany and whole Europe must be quite suicidal to still maintain their poor strategy of nuclear deterrence, only to put themselves on the map of a necessary strike against all nuclear arms bases if shit hits the fan.

I am probably scratching the line towards being a Putin friend, socialist, right-wing, anti-Semite and what not – but I still dare to speak my mind. Many won’t and I understand that very well. They will attack you Ad hominem first, may try to get you out of your job and so forth. All of this happened to many. Employers kicking out derailed opinions – unaligned to corporate politics, social media censoring de-platforming the opposition or just folks questioning the healthy mainstream and last but not least jailing whistle-blowers & criminalizing journalists for doing their job.

Ukraine at least voted and put another guy in charge, a comedian. Let’s hope they wake up and realize they were just being used as a tool to further the western empire’s expansion strategy funded by the usual suspects inclusive the EU. Germany, Poland and the whole EU definitely need a very cold shower wake up call. Do we really need to have another crime against humanity to break out in Venezuela, Iran or elsewhere – Do we need people to get sanctioned and bombed into starvation and death, to open our eyes, wake up and trying to stop this madness?

I almost forgot adding a paragraph for the UK, who seemingly single-handedly made up the whole Iraq war narrative by faking the initial weapon of mass destruction story, besides other things. Lately the UK made-up the ridiculous story of Russia having used some high-toxic nerve agent. Surprise: They are alive and similar to the White Helmets, one doesn’t need any appropriate hazmat suit but a water hose seems to be sufficient. Just another farce in the big book of obvious propaganda, but good enough for the EU to sanction the accused. Who needs proof & truth these days anyways to spin their agenda?

Last thing to note, none of our western countries declared war with any of the latest targets, but funded and trained terrorists, sanctioned and actively bombed multiple countries to make them pay their allegiance to the empire. Or simply: Conquering them directly or by proxy to become another vassal state. This closes the circle to my March 2013 elaborations.

So I can only close with 1984‘s Minipax description of desiring perpetual war to control the masses. It is well understood that the wars supposed to be fought against others are actually fought against the own people to maintain power. Reality stranger than fiction or 1984 was not intended to be a manual for crying out loud. At least it seems in 1984 they didn’t have to fight any actual wars against others, the imaginary news & propaganda was sufficient.

As explained in Emmanuel Goldstein’s book, The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism, the Ministry of Peace (or Minipax) revolves around the principle of perpetual war. Perpetual war uses up all surplus resources, keeping most citizens in lives of constant hardship – and thus preventing them from learning enough to comprehend the true nature of their society. Perpetual warfare also “helps preserve the special mental atmosphere that a hierarchical society needs.” Since that means the balance of the country rests in the war, the Ministry of Peace is in charge of fighting the war (mostly centred around Africa and India), but making sure to never tip the scales, in case the war should become one-sided. Oceanic telescreens usually broadcast news reports about how Oceania is continually winning every battle it fights, though these reports have little to no credibility.

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